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What is Daunt?

Daunt is the first hidden service link directory of its kind, providing user authentication methods that are crucial to the integrity of these services. Developed as a platform within the Dread Network, we are able to use our login APIs to verify statistics relating to a user and group them with similar users. These groups will be permitted access to different tiers of mirror links provided by the services that are listed within the directory. Similarly, it also enables us to disallow certain user groups to access the links, creating a filter.

This platform was purpose-built to overcome DoS attacks that have plagued the Tor network and damaged accessibility not only to the targetted services but the network as a whole, causing instability across the board. It acts mainly as a deterrant, by still allowing large portions of traffic to reach the end service, even if a minority are still affected.

With these goals in mind, the remaining problem we face as a backbone to the community is that it almost guarantees that we will become a higher priority target for attackers and we must still directly handle these attacks as they hit all of our core platforms.